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Agencies Now For Sale In Limpopo Starting From R6000.00  (Depending area)

Lassie Dog Food has been in the dog food market since 1998 and now also available in the Limpopo Province. The Popularity of Lassie Dog Food is growing on a daily basis and highly recommended by dog breeders and kennels.

Lassie Dog Food consists of only natural ingredients, for example corn meal, carcass meal, fish meal, wheat bran, rice, minerals and approved antioxidants. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURING OR FLAVOURING HAS BEEN ADDED TO THIS PRODUCT.

One of the most important aspects of Lassie Dog Food is that it has 87% absorption - Lassie Dog Food is well balanced, giving back to your best friend what live takes out.

We have the acquired, sole-rights to distribute Lassie Dog Food in the Limpopo Province, and we are constantly searching for individuals or businesses that are interested in becoming resellers of this product. Becoming a reseller or agent for Lassie Dog Food is a great opportunity to generate your own income and grow your sales by adding Lassie Dog Food to your sales stock.

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  • Limpopo Province


  • Tickyline Granite Nkowankowa 079 887 4280
  • The Feed Shed 083 400 8068
  • Letaba SPCA 015 307 2611
  • Sugar Hill 015 307 3539
  • Friendly Grocer Tarentaal Rand 015 304 3252


  • Cobus Louw 083 306 5894


  • Gilbert Bosch 076 909 8033
  • Lioney Cousins 076 916 6795

* Lassie Dog Food is still new in the Limpopo Province, but our list of suppliers is growing on a daily basis.

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"My miniature Whippit just loves Lassie Dog Food, and my Rhodesian ridge back also. My dogs look healthy and full of energy."
- Jaco Prinsloo

"My Jack Russel and Weimaraner enjoy Lassie. They look healthy and energetic and even their faeces (poo) is less."
- Nita Grobbelaar

"My airdale Terriers and Yorkies love Lassie Dog Food. I recommend it to everyone to try!"
- Endria Enslin

"My very fussy pekingese LOVES Lassie Dog Food! Pekinese dogs are very picky animals in general, but if pekingese dogs love Lassie, any dog will love Lassie!"
- John van Rooyen